Smart Charger Q6 Plus DC 300W 14A color LCD Смарт Зарядно за Полимерни батерии LIPO / LIHV / NIMH


120,00 лв.

Also suitable for HV LiPo batteries (4,35 V/cell)

The charger can be operated by using a car battery or a similar power source with 7-32 V DC. In steps of 0.1 A, the charging current can be set from 0.1 to 14 A at max. 300 W charging power. The discharge power is max. 8 W with an adjustable discharge current range from 0.1 to 3 A. An integrated balancer equalizes the individual cell voltages of lithium batteries with up to 1 A. Rechargeable batteries with up to 18 nickel or six lithium cells (also HV LiPo batteries) as well as lead batteries with up to twelve cells can be charged. A special feature is the IPS LCD with 2.4" size and 320 x 240 pixels, around 262k colors and a view angle of up to 178 ° overall. The charger measures 80 x 80 x 33,5 mm, weighs 119 g and has a housing made of impact-resistant plastic.

Technical data

Input voltage:7-32 V (DC)
Charging power:max. 300 W
Discharging power:max. 8 W
Charging current:0,1-14,0 A
Discharging current:0,1-3,0 A
Balancing current:1,0 A
Cell count:1-18 NiMH; 1-6S Li/LiHV
Pb voltage:1-12S
Dimensions:80 x 80 x 33,5 mm
Weight:119 g

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