Quanum 12V-5A (7.2 - 25.2V) Dual Output UBEC 5ампера БЕК за серво 9090000001-0


30,00 лв.

The Quanum QM12V5A-UBEC is an advanced switching regulator that will supply 5-8 amps of power for your servos and accessories. The UBEC has an input range of 7.2-25.2v (2-6 cell Lipo) and has a switchable voltage output (7.2V/12V). The UBEC also features an inline noise reduction filter and dual output connectivity, which allows you to power servos and additional accessories independently!

• 5A power output (8A Bursts) 
• Switchable voltage output (7.2/12V)
• Dual output connectivity 
• In-line noise reduction filter

Output: 5A continuous, 8A burst rate
Input: 7.2v - 25.2v (2-6s Lipo) 
Size: 55 x 28 x 10mm 
Weight: 32.5g

* To enable 12V output, input voltage source need to be at least 12V.

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